You have all of the wisdom inside of yourself to create and live the brilliant life you are meant to live. 

It’s my job to help you uncover that wisdom by removing the layers of gunk built up by life and social conditioning.  Women are taught to play small, take care of everyone else and be like-able; conditioning that causes conflict once we step into the big lives we’re meant to live.  Fears, limiting beliefs, and self-doubt aren’t permanent.  I’m here to support your self-discovery and get you in touch with your own strength and wisdom so you can finally feel that you are enough and are doing enough.  

There are a variety of ways we can work together:

One-on-One Coaching Sessions – I offer hour – long individual coaching sessions on a limited basis for women who want targeted help with mindset work.  If you have a job interview coming up, a family visit, or a challenging conversation you want individual support with this is a great option.  Or, purchase a package of 6 weekly or bi-weekly sessions for a deeper uncovering of where your brain is holding you back.  

Small Group Coaching Sessions –  Small group coaching sessions are for women who prefer a cohort model for support and encouragement.  We meet on a weekly basis online to work on life’s challenges together.  

RESET Program – RESET is a 9 week online program for women who want to create powerful and lasting change in their lives that includes:

  • Weekly lessons on proven methods to help you uncover where you are stuck and then design a shift in thinking and habits so you can finally live the life of your dreams, including:

    Pre – Program Work:  Foundational practices – sleep, water, nutrition, understanding your brain

    Week 1: Mindset shifts, change your thoughts to get the results you want

    Week 2: Results driven thinking

    Week 3: Working with your inner critic

    Week 4: Making better decisions, faster by accessing your inner wisdom

    Week 5: Gain back time and energy: social conditioning and getting rid of “shoulds”

    Week 6: Other people – how to actually stop caring what they think, handling interpersonal conflict

    Week 7: Busting Perfectionism

    Week 8: Making your dreams actionable

    Week 9:  Sustaining the vision

  • Enrollment in my Private Facebook Group to put you in a community of extraordinary women who will reinforce this new approach to structuring your life.
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls with me for coaching on that week’s topic and to get all of your questions answered.
  • Two Private 1:1 Calls with me so that I can help you on a more targeted basis.  
  • A discount on my annual Swell Life surfing and wellness retreat for experiential practice and live coaching.  

Please use the button below to book a free 60-minute introductory breakthrough call – we’ll talk about you, your goals, what’s holding you back and create an actionable plan together to get you moving forward.  And, it’s absolutely free! 

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