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A 12-Week Online Program for Women Who Want to Lead a Life That Lights Them Up 

What is this dumpster and why is it on fire? 

Ok, maybe your life isn't a dumpster fire. Maybe it's just not what you thought it would be. You're not NOT happy, you just wish there was more. 

Remember when you had dreams for your life? Things you wanted to do just because they excited you? A big vision?

Then, just like in the Talking Heads song, the days go by and suddenly you're wondering how you got here. You're so busy keeping up with your to-do list that you don't have time to live your life with intention. 

It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day motions of life. We get busy dealing with what's urgent, what we think we're supposed to do, then suddenly it's 10, 15, even 20 years later and we wonder "what happened?"

Where is your life going? Is it going there on purpose? 

Have you done what you wanted to, or what everyone else wanted you to? Have you accomplished goals that made your heart sing? Or have you done what you "should".  You aren't alone.  This program is here to help you take control of your life and get back on track to achieve your biggest dreams. 

In This Program You Will -


  • Finally get clear on what and who really matters in your life;
  • Learn to always have your own back;
  • Clear fears so you can be unstoppable; 
  • Build confidence so you can stop caring what other people think; 
  • Conquer feelings of burnout and overwhelm;
  • Recognize perfectionism and how to get past it;
  • Manage time AND energy;
  • Create habits that support your success;
  • Receive weekly powerful coaching in a community of supportive women! 

The Logistics - 

  • Weekly lessons carefully created to help you design, map out, and achieve a life you love 
  • Weekly online group coaching sessions
  • 3 private (online) coaching sessions to accelerate your progress 
  • Membership in the ongoing group Slack community for regular coaching and support

If you're ready for transformation, or just curious about how the program could help you, let's talk!  Book your complimentary breakthrough call where we'll get real about where you're stuck, where you want to go, and if RESET is the path to get you there.  

Isn't living a life you love worth it?


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