Amanda Ryan Fear, D.Ed.

Helping High-Achieving Women Beat Overwhelm, Anxious Thinking, and Self-Criticism

  • On the outside do you seem to have it all, but on the inside you feel like you don’t measure up?

  • Do you wake up each morning dreading the long, stressful hours until you can crawl back into bed at the end of the day?

  • ​​​Do you see other women who seem to be confident, relaxed and successful and wonder how they do it?

Then you're in the right place

Helping women turn stress and self-criticism into confidence and joy is how I'm changing the world.

Who's in?

Here are my radical ideas:

  • You have all of the wisdom inside of yourself to create a life that you love, you just might need a little support re-discovering it; 
  • If you feel like you aren't good enough or worthy of love unless you - take care of everyone else first, are thin, young and beautiful, buy all of the stuff, have it all, achieve work-life balance, do everything perfectly - there's nothing wrong with you. These are the messages women receive in our culture;  
  • Your value as a human has nothing to do with what you achieve or what you provide for other people;
  • It's not too late to go after your big dreams;
  • Everything you want is on the other side of discomfort.

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